Book Review: Jane Doe

At first, I was a little thrown by the first-person perspective and the tell-not-show narrative style of this book. The writing isn’t great or anything, and everything revealed by Jane seems awkwardly matter-of-fact, but there’s a reason for that. We find out that reason soon enough, and by that time, I was fully drawn into the story.

The bad guy in this book is just your average, arrogant, toxic male. Steven Hepworth’s lousy treatment of women is appalling, but it’s not illegal, and he’ll likely skate through life feeling like far more of a catch than he actually is. Enter Jane. She has a vendetta against the unsuspecting Steven, and she’ll go to great lengths to see that her form of justice is served. I found it incredibly satisfying to watch Jane take this guy down, even though, if I were being honest, she crosses about a million lines in terms of the legality and morality of her actions. But hey, this is a fantasy world. Not every deserving male gets his comeuppance in the deliciously brutal way that Steven does, but it’s awfully nice to imagine it so.

Jane Doe was a really quick read with a really enticing plot. I probably won’t remember the details of the story in another week or two, but I sure did enjoy myself while I was reading it.  

Rating: 4/5

Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone